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The Palmer House Hilton takes pride in the condition and aesthetic appearance of our facility. In
order to maintain a quality image for all Hotel guests, there are a few things we ask of you during
your stay:

Only professionally printed signage is allowed in the meeting/convention areas. These signs can
be used with easels or in sign stands. No handwritten signs or flipcharts are allowed outside the
meeting rooms.

No banners can be hung along the walls of the Public Areas. Banners may be hung from the
skirting of the hospitality desks and at outdoor functions. Banners or large signs may be located
within your assigned function space. If such items need to be fastened to walls or ceilings, the
hotel's Engineering department is required to perform this task but will only do so in specific
approved locations. Hotel personnel must provide the labor to hang the signs at a fee of $50-
$150 each.

In addition, nothing is to be placed over exit doors or located to conceal or obscure any exit.
No signs or posters are allowed to be placed in the main lobby. Easels are required for placement
of signage outside of meeting rooms. Signage to be placed on easels may vary in size but should
not exceed 28" (w) x 44" (h).

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