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Meeting Room Telecommunications and HSIA

The Palmer House provides the most reliable WI-FI and hardwire internet services. The entire conference space infrastructure is run off a dedicated 100-Meg METRO E Circuit.
Our HSIA Solution:
The Palmer House uses enterprise-class hardware that handles a high volume of data transmission and usage. Guests will have no trouble downloading large corporate files or sending and receiving hundreds of e-mails. Our access points deliver the versa-tility, high capacity, and security, demanded by WLAN customers.
Whether using our wired or wireless services you and your attendees are able to connect your laptops/computers/tablets and mobile devices to the Inter-net at speeds up to 1536Kbps upload/download per user.
The Palmer House is a leader in personalizing your event, and your internet service is no ex-ception. In order to access the conference space network you will be given a specific user-name and password.
If you would like your code to be a specific name we can accommodate your request up to 15 characters. Codes are never duplicated and are always individualized.
Our Telephone Solution:
Staying connected is important when hosting a meeting. So bringing your office inside our meeting space is simple. You will always have your own personal phone number (s) to communicate with your attendees/ press/ outside callers. We take it a step further by also personalizing your voicemail. You can even check your messages from your cell phone.

Guest Room Calls

Room-to-Room & 911 Calls: No-Charge
Local Calls: $1.50 + 10¢ per minute after 60 minutes
800/888/8xx/ Toll Free: Complimentary AT&T Operator Assisted Rate, Less 50% of Surcharge
International: AT&T Operator Assisted Rate

You may obtain free rate information at any time by dialing 9+00 and ask the AT&T Operator for the rate of an Operator Assisted Call. Hilton subscribes to AT&T Long Distance and Operator Services. You have the right to reach other long distance carriers from the telephone, and you may do so by dialing the access code provided by that carrier.

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