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All back of house areas, meeting spaces, and offices have containers for paper recycling
Computers are networked to local copiers to reduce ink consumption.
Printers are defaulted to print double sided.
One side copies are kept and reloaded into the printer for single sided copies.
Several collection locations throughout the building capture cardboard from the kitchens, meetings, engineering, housekeeping, etc. The cardboard is bailed for recycling.
Styrofoam products are no longer used, all existing has been depleted.
Glass is collected from back of house and all meeting space for recycling. (Green, Brown, Clear)

All back of house areas, meeting spaces, and offices collect number 1, 2, & 3 plastics for recycling.
Aluminum cans are collected in back of house areas for recycling.
Precious metals (Brass/Copper/Aluminum/Stainless/Bronze) are collected from several sources throughout the building and picked up for recycling.

Guestroom Recycling:

Guests of the hotel are encouraged to participate in the hotel recycling program by way of a recyclable bag in each guestroom. On the bag are instructions as to what items the hotel recycles, how they can participate, and how they can help the hotels Green Initiatives. Bags are picked up and stored in comingle containers and picked up by Allied waste for sorting and recycling.
“Caught Green Handed” program recognizes hotel guests for participating in our green initiatives. d Hotel guests who use participate in our guest room recycling program are rewarded with a “Caught Green Handed” reusable shopping tote.  

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