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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

To support and facilitate the efforts of our employees, we launched the Global Team Member Volunteer Program in 2012. The program recognizes volunteer commitments already underway and makes it easier for Team Members to become involved in their communities with one-stop access to local engagement opportunities. To support the Team Member Volunteer Program, we also launched the Purpose Portal, an online tool that helps Team Members find and plan volunteer opportunities, as well as measuring and tracking service hours and monetary contributions across our global footprint.
An additional part of the Global Team Member Volunteer Program is our Global Week of Service, an annual celebration of community service that celebrates the hospitality and generosity of our Team Members year-round. Launched in November 2012, every Hilton Worldwide office and hotel is encouraged to host or participate in hands-on volunteer activities. In our inaugural year, we participated in more than 800 projects with more than 660 local organizations across 51 countries.
In addition, we created a network of Community Committees in each of our 18 corporate offices around the world, providing tools and resources to support volunteer and community engagement. This network of Champions complements our Community and Sustainability Champions at more than 1,100 properties at our Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton, Embassy Suites and Waldorf Astoria brands around the world. Committee champions and members receive comprehensive training on how to develop community projects, find a community partner and recognize Team Members for their volunteer service. 

We also support volunteer projects and community engagement at internal business meetings and functions. At our new General Manager orientations, for example, we include a community project as part of the learning curriculum. Recently, General Managers have mentored high school students studying hospitality on their career development, conducted mock interviews, and provided résumé-writing critiques. More than 300 General Managers have participated in these community service projects since the program launched in 2012.

The Travel with Purpose Action Grant program was launched in 2013 to support innovative community collaborations and projects developed by our global portfolio of offices and hotels. The winning applicants receive a US $5,000 grant toward their community partner for a project that involves Team Members, addresses local issues within our Travel with Purpose focus areas and has the potential to be scaled across our global portfolio.
We also engage our Team Members to help address local and global challenges in communities in their backyards. We work with a group of volunteer organizations, including Points of Light in the U.S., Hilton in the Community Foundation across Europe and Business in the Community to access a range of organizations that help us address local issues and identify ways to make a difference. We also engage our nonprofit partners around the globe to identify volunteer opportunities within their organizations. Our Team Members’ engagement and successes are monitored and tracked through the Purpose Portal, allowing us to learn from and evolve our commitments and recognize our Team Members’ achievements.

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